raising awareness of men's health issues

What are we doing?

Partnering with leading health organisations to learn more about men’s experiences and perceptions of men’s health issues, and to raise awareness of men's health.

Our aim is to:

Identify knowledge gaps
Improve symptom recognition and disease awareness
Empower men and health professionals through education
Connect men with the care they need
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Meet Tony

Find out what erectile dysfunction can be a sign of
by meeting Tony.

Changing attitudes towards Erectile Dysfunction

Our survey with TUF

In collaboration with The Urology Foundation, we are conducting a comprehensive survey involving thousands of men on their attitudes and perceptions of erectile dysfunction (ED).

A survey questionnaire on ED of more than 2,000 men
To gain valuable insight into men's understanding of ED
Working with leading Urologists and Cardiologists across UK
Results and report to be shared for Men's Health Week 2023
Shedding LIGHT ON ED

Survey results now out

Our survey results have highlighted the lack of knowledge about ED among men and how this lack of awareness is putting their health at risk.

Nearly 1 in 2 men would not visit their doctor if they had ED
More than 3 in 4 men are not aware that ED is a recognised sign of heart disease
3 in 4 men are not aware of treatments options other than over-the-counter pills
4 in 10 men do not consider treatment necessary if ED occurs below the age of 50
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Connecting experts, organisations, and patients

Upcoming activities

We'll be working with leading experts in men's health to share reaction to our survey results, new webinars on men's health issues, as well as patient stories, all to help empower men to get the help they need.

Reaction to TRTed & The Urology Foundation results
Educational webinars featuring leaders in men’s health
Real-life patient stories on their health journey
All updates available on TRTed